e.a.t Cookbook layout & Illustrations

e.a.t - Education At the Table is a resource, a visual photographic feast containing nutritious, well-balanced and delicious recipes. e.a.t is written and compiled by Jessica Cox, a Brisbane nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience specialising in digestive health and recipe development. Jess approached me in early 2018 about managing the design and layout of e.a.t, as well as creating the original watercolour and digital illustrations to accompany the recipes and images throughout. Since printing, the book has sold hundreds of copies around Australia. 

Publishing director: Jessica Cox

Project editor: Ellie Gleeson

Design manager: Amy Blomberg

Typsetter: Amy Blomberg

Photographer and illustrator: Jessica Cox, Amie Forbes & Amy Blomberg

Printed and bound in China by 1010 Printing International Limited


2018 - 2019

tagged #design #drawing