Starlight Children's Foundation graphic design

The Starlight Children’s Foundation is a source of happiness and distraction in times of need for children and young people across Australia and New Zealand. The creative produced in house reflects these values, and the look and feel is colourful, eye-catching and joyous, whilst maintaining an important message. 

In 2020 I joined the Marketing and Communications team as a graphic designer under secondment and was later offered a part-time position. The role has been managing, designing and editing a high-volume and varied suite of design materials in print and digital format. Major campaigns such as Streamraiser, Tour De Kids, Game Changers, and the Starlight Five Chefs Dinner require the support of the design team. 

The Starlight Children’s Foundation as an organisation celebrates collaboration, and these many projects engaged Community Fundraising, Partnerships, Hospital Programs, Wishgranting and Marketing and Communications departments.


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